A team of investigators led by Dr. Beinan Wang, former Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, and including Emeritus Professor Pat Cleary, have uncovered the molecular basis for the increased incidence of Group A streptococcal deadly pneumonia associated with Influenza A epidemics (PNAS 2015;112:238).  They found that the influenza virus increases expression of the macromolecules streptococci use to invade the epithelial lining of the lung.  This sets the stage potentially for a serious life-threatening pneumonia in the aftermath of the "flu".  On the positive side, the macromolecules streptococci use for invasion are now drug targets that could reduce the incidence of serious secondary bacterial infections during and after Influenza A epidemics.

Profs. Gralnick and Bond - "Building Better Bacteria"

Microbiology professors Daniel Bond and Jeff Gralnick discover the key for converting waste to electricity.

Shewanella secretes flavins that mediate extracellular electron transfer